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Most of men in middle age and in advanced age inevitably face the depressing “masculine” problem, referring to urination.

Many of them do not pay attention to the symptoms, often expressed in frequent urination, but in small quantity; feeling of full urinary bladder and lack of strong spurt. This leads to certain physical discomfort and mental tension. On other hand, the problem impairs sleep and complete recovery of the body because the frequent urge for urination requires getting up 4 - 5 times a night.

Others pay attention to the symptoms, but do not take measures. This accentuation of attention on the malady leads to low self-consciousness, lack of spirits and even to depressive states. Most often the difficult urination appears due to hypertrophic (augmented) prostate gland, pressing on the urethra (the canal discharging the urine outside).

The causes for hypertrophy are the incorrect treatment of infections of the urinary – reproductive system, absence of good sexual hygiene, sedated way of life and overdoing with harmful substances (alcohol, cigarettes and etc.)

Great significance impacts the hereditary predisposition.

When the man loses his ability to make sex, he thinks that great part of pleasures in life have disappeared. With Apegra the sexuality and erection in man can be maintained even in advanced age. From ages people know about the aphrodisiac effect of celery and its applicability in impotence. Celery (Apium graveolens) impacts at central level.

In Bulgaria, the wild growing aphrodisiac can be seen at the Black Sea coast, by the river Danube and in the river valley of river Struma.

For the enhancement of the masculine libido from 750 g to 1.5 kg of the fresh fruit every day are necessary to be consumed and it is not tasteful enough.
The useful for men product Apegra is on offer in pharmacies. In each capsule there is a lyophilized extract of celery fruit (175 gr). For the extraction of such quantity of extract 15 – 20 g dried fruit is used, and the intake of 1 capsule equals to the consumption of 100 – 150 g fresh fruit.

The recommended dosage is from 3 to 6 capsules  2 or 3 times a day, but in the beginning the higher dosage is necessary (3 х 2 capsules or 2 х 3 capsules).