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The acute respiratory diseases lead to short-term loss of labor capacity, and the progressed chronic damages of the respiratory system are an important reason for permanent disability. In about 10% of the adult population expressed to a various degree respiratory insufficiency has been found. In chronic respiratory insufficiency disorder of the alveolar-capillary diffusion is traced. Gas exchange is obstructed due to occlusion of the small respiratory ways, caused by bronchial hyper-secretion. All this means occurrence of hypoxemia (reduced passage of oxygen into the organism and accordingly its lower content in tissues), but without hypercapnia (increased content of carbon dioxide), because carbon dioxide passes through the alveolar-capillary membrane 25 times more easily than oxygen.

As to avoid chronic stage of diseases, continuous impact of various types of agents, irritating bronchial mucosa shall not be allowed: tobacco smoking, smoke and etc. It is important that acute infections are treated timely and properly.

Phytotherapy has a certain share in the scientifically justified therapy of respiratory system diseases. Medicinal plants are applied in prophylactics and in aid of therapy, as in case of inflammation of the upper respiratory airways, as well as in case of acute and chronic bronchitis.

Marsh Mallow ( Althaea officinalis L ) is one of the most studied plants as regards to respiratory system diseases. The roots are rich in myxomatous substances, softening the bronchial secretions and for their easier excretion from the bronchial tree. The Marsh Mallow extracts have expressed anti-inflammatory effect. Their application is recommended in persistent coughs, whooping coughs, tracheitis, bronchitis. Besides, wholesome effect of the Marsh Mallow is established as regards to stomach ulcer and bowels diseases, hyper acidic gastritis, in case of acute and chronic colitis, even in diarrheal maladies and dysentery.

Tormentil (Potentilla erecta L) is included in the product Altoria, for the proven anti-inflammatory and astringent effects on the upper respiratory ways. In folk medicine, tea from Tormentil is applied multiple times during the day in case of severe sinusitis, tonsillitis and rhinitis.
It turns out that in combination the extracts of Marsh Mallow and Tormentil have enabling potentiating action, implemented in the creation of the product Altoria. Intake of one capsule a day impacts very well the function of the respiratory system. In having already occurred inflammation of the upper respiratory airways and of the bronchial tree, the recommended dosages are 3 times x 1 capsule a day. In case of persistent cough and severe bronchitis 3 times x 2 capsules a day can be taken.

Of course, in the first place, we have to take care to prevent diseases.

Altoria is a natural product, taken from the amazing variety of nature and without side effects. Each capsule contains 300 mg extract of curative Marsh Mallow and 150 mg extract of Tormentil.

This product aids the prophylactics and treatment of respiratory system diseases.

We have to think how to protect and maintain our health. It is priceless.